Nathan Sawatzky

Full Name Nathan Sawatzky
Born Unknown
Position Moderator
Joined the team December 29, 2005[1]
Left the team May 14, 2011[2]
Penguin Name Gizmo

Gizmo was a former moderator and employee in Club Penguin. Previously, many thought that the account belonged to Dave Krysko, but this was debunked by Screenhog.[3] He was in charge of the parties, parades, and fun events around Club Penguin. Gizmo joined the Club Penguin team on December 29, 2005.[1] Gizmo was the most active out of all moderators.

Job in Club Penguin

Nathan Sawatzky was the Director of Community Support at Club Penguin from 2005 to 2011:

In 2005, I was fortunate to join a fresh, naive, and aspirational team about to launch a virtual world for children called Club Penguin. Our little project grew to support a community of millions of children around the world and, in 2007, The Walt Disney Company purchased us. My role in this was to build and lead a team which grew to over 200 support reps located in 6 different countries who supported our users with finesse and creativity, securing our product as a leader in both trust and safety across the industry.
— Nathan Sawatzky[4]
  • Built industry leading support and moderation department from ground up with a multimillion dollar budget and year over year growth of over 200%.
  • Developed robust training program which allowed for quick, thorough training to frequent new hires.
  • Built out structure and process which allowed for rapid growth (50 people hired in 4 months with no previous infrastructure).
  • Remained focused during rapid growth.



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