Gold O'berry
Available No
Member item No
Cost 10 coins
Where found Gold O'berry Machine
Item ID 126
Stat changes (?)
Food ±0
Rest ±0
Play ±0
Clean ±0
This page is specifically about the puffle food item. Were you looking for the Golden O' Berry in general?

The Gold O'berry is a puffle food in Club Penguin. It can be found in the Gold O'berry Machine for 10 coins each, and only members can buy it.


Where found? Available from Available until
Gold O'berry Machine November 14, 2013 March 30, 2017


  • Feeding it to your puffle will cause a small Golden O' Berry to appear above its head and a golden ring around it, and will grant them the ability to search for golden nuggets.
  • Your puffle will have the Golden O'berry until you stop walking him, find all the nuggets, or log off.
  • A Gold O'Berry was an ingredient for making potions during the Medieval Party 2013



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