Golden Wheel
Golden Wheel Pin
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Available No
Type Pin
Member item No
Party Save the Migrator Project
Cost Free
Where found Aqua Grabber
Item ID 603
Unlockable No

The Golden Wheel was a rare pin that was released when the Aqua Grabber was being used to retrieve the Migrator's missing parts (also known as the "Save the Migrator Project"). This pin was exclusive, as the only way to have attained it was to collect all the pieces and finish the game, although there was only one level at the time.


Available from Available until
February 19, 2008 April 4, 2008



  • There was a glitch involved with the coding of Aqua Grabber, where even if the player completed the game, they would not receive the pin.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseLeme Dourado
FrenchLe Pinz Gouvernail d'Or
SpanishTimón de oro
GermanGoldenes Rad
RussianЗолотой штурвал

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