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Charity Gerbrandt
Grasstain (Charity Gerbrandt).PNG

Full Name Charity Gerbrandt
Born Unknown
Position Moderator,
Director of Product Development
Joined the team 2006
Left the team April 2016
Penguin Name Grasstain, Smulley

Grasstain or Smulley (real name Charity Gerbrandt) was a moderator that worked for Club Penguin. She was the Production Manager, Lead Producer, and Principal Creative Lead. Her first appearance was in the Disney Channel: Game On Marvel Super Hero Takeover Preview, and she did not make an appearance again until the Club Penguin Summit.


  • She has two penguins: Grasstain and Smulley.
  • She had been working at Club Penguin since 2006.
  • She currently has 52 stamps.
  • She currently has 256 pins.
  • She spoke at Club Penguin Summit.
  • She has a personal Twitter at @CharityJoy.
  • She took part in episode 4 of The Spoiler Alert.
  • Her favorite party is the Halloween Party.
  • If you add Smulley to your buddy list, then opening her playercard from the buddy list, the name will not be Smulley, it will be Happy77.
  • She is named after the penguin named Smulley. She could also be the same penguin in the book. They are also both orange.
  • She was not voted to take the place of Businesmoose as a Club Penguin Blogger and Social Media staff member. It was Ninja.
  • Along with Robo Bird, she isn't a member.
  • She was one of four candidates for taking the place of Businesmoose as a What's New blogger.
  • Her penguin Smulley was first mentioned by Businesmoose in March 2013.
  • In February 2014, it was revealed that Smulley is actually Grasstain's other penguin.[1]



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