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Gray Fish
Grey fish swimming
Scientific name Ichthyoid
Similar creatures Yellow Fish
Appeared Ice Fishing
Predators Sharks, Fluffy the Fish, Penguin, Megalodon
Prey Worm

Gray Fish were a type of fish found in Club Penguin. One place where Gray Fish would be found is in the minigame Ice Fishing. They were worth more coins than yellow fish in Ice Fishing, but are harder to catch, as they quickly dart away from the bait. They could only be seen in the game if members have a Flashing Lure Fishing Rod. They were one of two sea creatures, along with Sharks, that do not appear in Aqua Grabber. Gray fish were most often seen at the Pizza Parlor in the game Pizzatron 3000, where they were one of the pizza toppings.


Gray Fish in Ice Fishing.

Catching Gray Fish in Ice Fishing[]

  • In Ice Fishing, only members can catch Gray Fish, using the members-only Flashing Lure Fishing Rod. The rod was previously found in the Snow and Sports catalog in the Sport Shop, and now can be obtained from the Ski Lodge Game Catalog. They hover in the water before darting to the other side, away from the bait. If it is in the middle of the pond it will dart a little up, if it is down, all the way up and finally if it is up, all the way down.




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