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Green Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Green.png

Available No
Attitude Energetic, playful, funny
Member only Yes (But Non-Members can unlock them from Treasure Book)
Favorite toys Red Propeller Cap, Unicycle, and 3 red balls
Play action Super: Flies around with Propeller Cap.
Normal: Juggles on a Unicycle, balances the balls on its tongue then pokes its tongue at you
Weak: Rides around on its Unicycle
Dance Hovers with Propeller Cap
Tongue color Orange
Speed Fastest
Special features Likes to clown around, laughs an average 14.7 times a day
Elite Puffle Items Propeller Cap
Favorite Games Jet Pack Adventure
ID 753

Green Puffles were a species of puffles. Green Puffles were known to be very energetic, playful and active. They were much like clowns, and were usually seen with a Propeller Cap or a unicycle. The most famous Green Puffle is the Keeper of the Boiler Room. During the Club Penguin Improvement Project you could become one during the April Fools' Party 2008. Green Puffles were one of the four original puffles discovered in November 2005. On September 13, 2010, penguins that have Green Puffles were able to take their puffles into Jet Pack Adventure, as revealed in the 255th issue of the Club Penguin Times. Using the Green Puffle, your penguin can earn more Stamps, but the hardest one to get is that the Green Puffle has to collect the Jet Pack fuel while you are falling to the ground.


The green puffles were one of the oldest puffles and the first puffles to be available along with the other three types of puffles. Green puffles were available for member penguins to adopt on March 17, 2006. But non-members could purchase it through the treasure book. Also, along with every single puffle known, you could adopt it for 400 coins.


Attitude: These puffles were always going-going-going. They were very playful as well. They were very energetic and exuberant and are always up to juvenile shenanigans and childish antics. They had an innate sense of humor and are always laughing and giggling. Their nature was simply hilarious itself. They are fun-loving, whimsical, wise-cracking, ironic, prankish, and frisky in behavior. Their zippy attitude was never ending and sometimes they get impatient and bored if they are not doing something constantly. Besides that, they enjoyed making up games, playing pretend, and interacting with toys.

Favorite toys: Red Propeller Cap, 3 red balls and a unicycle.

Elite Puffle Items: Red Propeller Cap

Special facts: Laughs an average of 14.7 times a day.

Favorite game: Jet Pack Adventure.

Play: Rides around on its unicycle.

Play: Flies around with propeller cap.

Bath: Takes a bath, and a hairdryer dries it off.

Favorite Food: Tacos

Gum: Blows a bubble then makes a dog like design with it.

Dance: Hovers with propeller cap.

Postcard: Green Puffle riding the unicycle.

Brush: Gives the Green Puffle a temporary hair style.

Puffle Handbook Description

Are experts on unicycles. They are also known for their love of April Fool’s parties.



There are 4 stamps that you can earn in Jetpack Adventure with the green Puffle. Puffle Pilot: Bring a green puffle into the game. (Easy) Puffle Bonus: Your green puffle collects 200 coins. (Medium) Puffle Plus: Your green puffle collects 450 coins. (Hard) Puffle Boost: Your green puffle gets a gas can when you are out of fuel. (Extreme)

Famous Green Puffles

There are six famous Green Puffles. They are:

  1. Keeper of the Boiler Room - A puffle that can be found in the Dance Club.
  2. Flit - One of the elite puffles.
  3. Cornelius - Aunt Arctic's green puffle.
  4. PJ - Puffle represented in The Great Puffle Switch
  5. Niblet - Seen in a comic called Frosty the Puffle.
  6. Joyful Juggler - A puffle that performed at The Great Puffle Circus.


  • On the old Club Penguin home page you could have seen a Green Puffle flying around in circles.
  • The green puffle was one of the four puffles to be discovered first in Club Penguin. The other puffles were the blue, pink, and black puffles.
  • They were mascots of Green Team in Club Penguin Game Day and one is seen on the Join Team Green postcard.
  • During the April Fools' Party 2008 on the CPIP Test Servers you could transform into a Green Puffle.
  • When you adopt this puffle, it says it laughs an average of 14.7 times a day.
  • If your Green Puffle runs away, you will receive the Green Ran postcard.
  • One appears in the Join Team Green postcard and Go Green Background.
  • During the Puffle Party 2012, Puffle Party 2013, and Puffle Party 2014 you could transform into a green puffle.
  • Green puffles can fly better than all of the other puffles, and enjoy it more. Their flying abilities are unmatched. Even the Rainbow puffle cannot match its flying.
  • When a green puffle is in a player card, the pose is similar to a Rainbow Puffle.
  • When you go to the Fire Dojo with the Green Puffle, Sensei says, "Ahh, your green puffle is ready for lava with that propeller hat!".
  • When you go to the Water Dojo with the Green Puffle, Sensei says, "Your green puffle flies! But its propeller won't help tame the Waterfall.".
  • Their propeller cap was inspired by an early concept art for puffles, which was gray with a propeller on its head.[1]
  • Before Puffles were updated in 2011, if you fed a Green Puffle a cookie, it would jump on it to break it into little pieces and then suck the pieces into its mouth.


  • Sometimes danced with the propeller hat, but there was a glitch that if you put another hat, he would dance like a red or a blue puffle.


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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Verde
French Le Puffle Vert
Spanish Puffle verde
German Grüner Puffle
Russian Зеленый пафл