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CPGD Griffinators.png

Full Name Griffinators
Species Penguin
Position Leader of Team Red in Club Penguin: Game Day!
Appeared Club Penguin: Game Day!
Color Blue
Clothes Items Red Mohawk and Red Hockey Jersey
Related To Unknown
Friends With Team Red members
Meetable Character? In (Club Penguin: Game Day!)

Griffinators is the irascible leader of Team Red.


Griffinators is very aggressive and irritable. He has a lot of pride in Team Red and does not like to lose against other teams, especially the Blue Team. He only likes penguins who side with him on his team. He has a great fear of loss.


  • Is there anything you need to ask "name"?
  • Still can't believe Team Red got kicked.
  • Not gonna lose to Team Blue. Not gonna lose to Team Blue. Not gonna lose to... Shush! I'm concentrating!
  • We did it, "name"! We have proven all over Club Penguin that Team Red is the best team ever. Red rocks!
  • I don't care what REALLY went down - I'm gonna pretend that Team Red won. Ooh, look at all the RED decorations all over...
  • Yeah! You picked red, the BEST team EVER!
  • I refuse to believe Team Red is losing! This is all a bad dream, that's what it is!