Halloween 2018
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When October 17 – November 6, 2018
Location Club Penguin Island

Halloween 2018 is an event in Club Penguin Island that began on October 17 and ended on November 6, 2018.


First set

Image Reward Type
Emoji Candy.png
Emoji Pumpkin.png
Emoji Skeleton.png
Candy, Pumpkin, Skeleton Emojis
All Hallows' Tee icon.png
All Hallows' Tee Tops Item

Second set

Image Reward Type
Fabric Pumpkin icon.png
Fabric Black Bats icon.png
Fabric Rose Lace icon.png
pumpkin, blackBats, roseLace Fabrics
Decal Bat icon.png
Decal Pumpkin icon.png
Decal Web icon.png
bat, pumpkin, web Decals
Fangs icon.png
fangs Head extras Item
VampCape icon.png
vampCape Body extras Item
Old Signpost icon.pngCandy Corn Lights icon.pngCauldron CPI icon.png
Crystal Ball CPI icon.pngRickety Stairs icon.pngLiving Sled CPI icon.png
Rectangular Frame icon.pngRound Frame icon.pngPuddle o' Slime icon.png
Old Planks icon.pngSad Pumpkin icon.pngSmall Pumpkin icon.png
Cheerful Pumpkin icon.pngTall Pumpkin icon.pngJack-o-rope icon.png
Ability to buy fifteen items at Igloos & Interiors
(Old Signpost, Candy Corn Lights, Cauldron, Crystal Ball,
Rickety Stairs, Living Sled, Rectangular Frame, Round Frame,
Puddle o' Slime, Old Planks, Sad Pumpkin, Small Pumpkin,
Cheerful Pumpkin, Tall Pumpkin, Jack-o-rope)

Third set

Image Reward Type
Unusual Pit icon.pngStone Path icon.pngShaded Lamp icon.pngTentacles icon.png
Spiky Vine icon.pngOld Bookshelf icon.pngPointy Fence icon.pngDamaged Pillar icon.png
Chipped Pillar icon.pngWorn Table icon.pngBusted Wall icon.pngSpooky Wall icon.png
Spooky Window icon.pngStreet Lamp icon.pngWinged Chair icon.pngChilly Tombstone icon.png
Pointed Tombstone icon.pngSlab Tombstone icon.pngElegant Tombstone icon.pngOld Tombstone icon.png
Ability to buy twenty items at Igloos & Interiors
(Unusual Pit, Stone Path, Shaded Lamp, Tentacles, Spiky Vine,
Old Bookshelf, Pointy Fence, Damaged Pillar, Chipped Pillar,
Worn Table, Busted Wall, Spooky Wall, Spooky Window,
Street Lamp, Winged Chair, Chilly Tombstone, Pointed Tombstone,
Slab Tombstone, Elegant Tombstone, Old Tombstone)

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenges are related to this event.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Pumpkin Patch
AA quest icon.png
Community Get 4 orange penguins to sit at the Boardwalk picnic blanket 50 coins and 40 XP No
Night of the Giving Bread
RH quest icon.png
Solo Accept a fishdog from a penguin near the Foodtrekker 50 coins and 40 XP No
Howl You Do This?
RK quest icon.png
Solo Shout to the sky atop Mt. Blizzard's wolf cave 40 coins and 40 XP No


  • This was the fourteenth and final Halloween party/event in the entire Club Penguin franchise.
  • Unlike the previous Halloween event, characters did not wear costumes.
  • If a player collected the returning rewards from 2017 (All Hallows' Tee, emojis, fabrics, and decals) they would receive duplicates upon logging in during this event. All of them appear in their respective inventories, separate from their 2017 versions.



Beacon Boardwalk

Coconut Cove

The Sea Caves

Mt. Blizzard

Island Central

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Halloween
French Halloween
Spanish Noche brujas
German N/A
Russian N/A

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