Halloween Party 2005
Halloween Party 2005 Night Club

The Night Club during the party

Members only? No
When October 27–31, 2005
Free Item(s) None
Location Book Room, Dance Lounge, Dojo, Ice Rink, Dance Club and Town
Mascot(s) None

The Halloween Party 2005 was Club Penguin's 2nd party, and the first of many Halloween Parties. This was the only Halloween Party to have a normal sky with no storm and no free items.


After the game was released, the team decided that they would have an annual Halloween Party. Since it was almost Halloween at the time, they held one right away.

In 2005, Screenhog was the only artist, so not much was decorated, except that there were orange lights at the Night Club instead of the white ones, and there were a few cobwebs around. The inside of the Night Club was also decorated. It had a few pumpkins and a bat hanging on the door. It also said "BOO" on the dance floor in yellow.


  • On the What's New Blog, Billybob hosted a little contest on who can find the correct number of changes in Club Penguin. The first penguin who submitted the correct answer would get 500 coins in their Club Penguin account.[1]
    • The correct number of changes was 25, and the winner of the contest was a penguin named Charze.[2]



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