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Halloween Party 2014
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Members only? No
When October 23 – November 5, 2014
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

— The tagline for the party

The Halloween Party 2014 was a party in Club Penguin that began on October 23, and ended on November 5, 2014.


A week before the Halloween Party, puffles begin to feel agitated, and the first three floors of the Puffle Hotel appearing "haunted." Gariwald VIII goes to investigate the alleged paranormal activity that is happening here, hinting toward Ghost Puffles. October 23, the Puffle Hotel shot up thirteen stories overnight, and rumors about Ghost Puffles haunting the Puffle Hotel begin to circulate. Gariwald VIII has gone missing while investigating paranormal events there. With the help of Skip the bellhop, penguins have to explore all 13 floors of the haunted hotel, solve puzzles, and assemble the ghost catcher to save Gariwald. Later, Skip is revealed to be an evil ghost who wants to use the energy of the ghost puffles to haunt Club Penguin Island. However, he is defeated by penguins, Gariwald is freed from being kidnapped, and penguins are allowed to adopt a ghost puffle.


As soon as the player arrives at the Puffle Hotel, the bellhop Skip greets them, saying that he started working there when the hotel started to look haunted. In order to explore the hotel to find Gariwald, the player must find the elevator, which is unfortunately out of order. Skip suggests that the player goes down to the Basement to turn on the switches, which causes Ghost Puffles to appear. Skip gets scared, and blames the puffles for haunting the hotel, and suspects them of taking Gariwald. With the elevator now working, the player will be able to access all the floors except the ones that have to be unlocked during the party and the 13th floor, to which Skip claims "you know, there's nothing on the 13th floor anyway."

Upon entering the Sitting Room, which is on the fourth floor, the player spots a mysterious gear piece. However, a wall moves up and closes the fireplace, and ghostly fires ignite on the candlesticks around the room and fireplace as more Ghost Puffles appear. The player must throw snowballs on the fires to extinguish them. After all the fires are out, the wall blocking the gear piece lowers, allowing the player to claim it. Skip confirms it as the gear as part of the Ghost Catcher, a contraption of Gariwald's. The player is then tasked of collecting all of the gear parts for the Ghost Catcher while solving puzzles and encountering more Ghost Puffles.

Upon arriving at the Dining Room on the sixth floor, the player encounters another part of the Ghost Catcher. However, like the Sitting Room, a wall lowers down, preventing the player from retrieving the part. The player must simply arrange the plates on the tables so that the light coming from the ceiling to hit the wall, allowing the player to successfully get the part.

The player then searches for the next part of the Ghost Catcher on the 7th floor, the Ballroom. Like the previous two rooms, a puzzle must be solved to retrieve the part. The player must follow the paths shown on the wall above the part, despite coming back to the same room. Once the player has successfully followed the path instructions, the player can get the part required for the Ghost Catcher.

The player then finds the next part of the Ghost Catcher on the 8th floor, the Pool. In order to retrieve the part, the player must pop all the pumpkins in the room to receive the part.

The player searches the library on the 9th floor for the next part of the Ghost Catcher, which is organized into a maze. The player must find the way to the power circuit to lower the wall, retrieve the part, then find the way out of the maze.

On the eleventh floor, the Balcony, the player must answer four riddles said by a gargoyle by using certain emotes. The emotes are a smiley face, frown face, winking face, and queasy face. Once the player has answered all four riddles correctly, the player is rewarded with the last part of the Ghost Catcher, assuming that the player went in order.

After all the parts have been found for the Ghost Catcher, the player can assemble them on the twelfth floor, the Storage Room. The player then uses the power circuit pad to trap the Ghost Puffles. Skip congratulates the player, and a cage comes down on the player. Skip says that everything worked out the way he wanted it, and his icon changes to look ghost-like. The player and the Ghost Puffles are transported to the 13th floor.

On the 13th floor Skip reveals his true form as a ghost, and reveals his plan to trick the player into capturing the Ghost Puffles, then using their energy to haunt Club Penguin. He also reveals that he was the one to capture Gariwald. Gariwald asks the player to find a way to get out of the cage. The player then throws a snowball at the power box, which shuts the cage down. The player then attempts to free the Ghost Puffles, but Skip uses his energy to block the player, saying that the Ghost Puffles are his "ticket to the big-leagues." Gariwald suggests that the player throws a snowball at the rubble above Skip. When the player does this, Skip temporarily gets distracted, and the player sets the puffles and Gariwald free. After the player does that, Skip escapes from the hotel. Gariwald congratulates the player for freeing the puffles, and the player can adopt a Ghost Puffle and claim the Bellhop Hat.

Free items

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Image Item Type Location Release date Members only?
G'sExplosiveGiveawayIcon.png Gary's Explosive Giveaway Background By meeting Gary October 23 No
Bellhop Hat.png Bellhop Hat Head Item By defeating Skip October 26 No
DWkiQRl.png Ghost Puffle Puffle By defeating Skip October 26 Yes



  • There was a glitch during the party in which upon logging on, the player card will display the image of the Olaf transformation revert button in the bottom-right. Clicking the button will not have any effect.
  • At one point the Mine stopped working and no one could play games in it or leave unless they used the map. You could also walk on the walls.


Sneak Peeks

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Issue #466

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Puffle Hotel

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Safe Chat Messages

Let's go up a floor
Let's go down a floor
Want to investigate the hotel?
The Puffle Hotel is haunted!
Have you seen Gariwald?
Have you seen the ghost puffles?
Costume party!
Come to my haunted igloo!
Happy Halloween!


Question Answer
What do ghosts put on coffee? Scream and sugar!
What do vampire teachers do? Give blood tests!
What do you call a ghost play? A stage fright!
Why did the skeleton go to the BBQ? To get a spare rib!
What is a ghost's favorite fruit? BOO-berries!
What monster wears the most clothes? A wear-wolf!
What street does a vampire live on? A dead-end!
What do ghosts eat for dinner? SPOOK-ghetti!

Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Plaza This is the Plaza! The Puffle Hotel is either well-decorated or completely haunted. Let's find out!
Puffle Hotel Lobby Welcome to the haunted hotel! Please stay together, we don't want to disturb the ghosts! Or anyone to go missing. And don't drink the ooze from the fountain!
Puffle Hotel Basement This old basement is very dark. Don't get lost in the shadows. The ghost puffles haunt this place and always mess with the power!
Puffle Hotel Sitting Room Here is the Sitting Room. No one knows who lights these fires but they're always burning. Watch out for the sabre-tooth fluffy rug. Some say they've seen it move!
Puffle Hotel Deluxe Suite Everyone stay close to the elevator! No one knows what's down there but it sure isn't the fourth floor...
Puffle Hotel Dining Room Welcome to the Dining Room! It looks like the ghosts were messy. They always do this when they don't like the meal.
Puffle Hotel Ballroom Here's the Ballroom! You can dance through the halls and play the piano! Now which way do we go...
Ballroom (if you start getting lost) Here's the Ballroom! You can dance through the halls and play the piano! This does not look like the right way...
Ballroom (if you get lost) Here's the Ballroom! You can dance through the halls and play the piano! Sorry folks I think I'm lost!
Puffle Hotel Pool They say this pool is home to a tentacled monster! No lifeguard on duty so swim at your own risk!
Puffle Hotel Library The Library holds dangerous secrets, feel free to search. But don't get lost in the maze or the tour moves on without you!
Puffle Hotel Luxury Suite The tenth floor is really eerie. A ghost keeps writing messages but no one knows what they mean.
Puffle Hotel Balcony This used to be an elegant balcony but now there are snapping plants and a riddling gargoyle. I think its name is Carmad.
Puffle Hotel Storage Here we are! The mysterious twelfth floor, home to the ghost puffles! Are they behind the hotel haunting? Or is it something more sinister!?
The 13th Floor The evil ghost that haunted the hotel... was defeated here. When the hotel returns to normal... I guess I'll be out of a job!

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Festa de Halloween
French Fête d'Halloween
Spanish Fiesta de Notche de Brujas
German Halloween-Party
Russian Хэллоуин


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