Halloween Party 2014 interface
Halloween Party 2014 Interface Icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Halloween Party 2014
Where? Everywhere

The Halloween Party 2014 interface was a screen at the Halloween Party 2014 that was accessed from a fixed button on top-right of the screen. It allowed players to obtain various items, and displayed notifications when a new floor at the Puffle Hotel would be open.


Image Name Type Release date Members only
Ghostly Suitcase icon
Ghostly Suitcase Hand Item October 23 No
Shadow Wings
Shadow Wings Neck Item Yes
Magic Hat icon
Magic Hat Head Item October 25 No
Ghost Puffle Costume
Ghost Puffle Costume Body Item Yes
Little Jack icon
Little Jack Hand Item October 27 No
Skeleton Mask
Skeleton Mask Face Item Yes
Creepy Candle icon
Creepy Candle Hand Item October 29 No
Spectral Costume icon
Spectral Costume Body Item Yes
Eye of Newt Gumballs icon
Eye of Newt Gumballs Hand Item October 31 No
Ghost vial
Ghost Vial Hand Item Yes
Inspector's Magnifying Glass icon
Inspector's Magnifying Glass Hand Item November 2 No
Web Hoodie icon
Web Hoodie Body Item Yes


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