Halloween Party 2015 interface
Halloween Party 2015 interface icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Halloween Party 2015
Where? Everywhere

The Halloween Party 2015 interface was an interface available at the Halloween Party 2015.


Image Name Type Release date Members only
Decaf Coffee icon Decaf Coffee Hand Item October 21 No
The Scary Gary icon The Scary Gary Head Item Yes
Spelling Test icon Spelling Test Hand Item October 21 (App) October 22 (Desktop) No
The Arctic-bot icon The Arctic-bot Head Item Yes
Pink Flamingo icon Pink Flamingo Hand Item October 21 (App) October 23 (Desktop) No
The Bothopper icon The Bothopper Head Item Yes
Novelty Bug icon Novelty Bug Hand Item October 21 (App) October 24 (Desktop) No
The DJ-bot icon The DJ-bot Head Item Yes
Old Sweater icon Old Sweater Hand Item October 21 (App) October 25 (Desktop) No
The Dot-bot icon The Dot-bot Head Item Yes
Beard Trimmer icon Beard Trimmer Hand Item October 21 (App) October 26 (Desktop) No
The Sensei-bot icon The Sensei-bot Head Item Yes
Toy UFO icon Toy UFO Hand Item October 21 (App) October 27 (Desktop) No
The Bot Handler icon The Bot Handler Head Item Yes
Clown Face Paint icon Clown Face Paint Face Item October 21 (App) October 28 (Desktop) No
The Rookie-bot icon The Rookie-bot Head Item Yes
Robot Antenna icon Robot Antenna Face Item No
The Herbot icon The Herbot Head Item Yes




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