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Halloween Party 2016
Halloween Parties logo.png

Members only? No
When September 28 – November 2, 2016
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary

The Halloween Party 2016 was a party in Club Penguin that began on September 28 and ended on November 2. It was first confirmed by Megg in a reply to a player's comment on the What's New Blog.[1]

Free items

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Image Item Type Obtained by Members only?
Gary's Explosive Giveaway Background Meeting Gary No


  • It was the twelfth and last Halloween Party to be celebrated in Club Penguin, and the only one to not start in October.
    • It was also the longest Halloween Party to occur, lasting over 35 days.






Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Town Welcome to the Town
You can have a bite at the Coffee Shop
or visit the Clothes Shop... that you can trick or treat in style
At the Dance Club... can do the mash!
Dock This is the graveyard
The favorite place for ghosts and new zombies
That pool is full of ectoplasm...'s like a ghost spa!
Beach This is Deadsville...
...the liveliest spot for the walking dead
Night of the Living Sled is playing
Interested in a plot here?
Check out Tombstone Real Estate
Great living spaces aren't just for the living!
Snow Forts Welcome to Halloween Lane!
It's the perfect place... trick-or-treat!
The neighborhood comes alive...
...for Halloween
Look at the great decorations...
...the door with eyes is extra scary!
Forest This is the Howling Rock
At night, on that rock...
...the werewolves come out... howl at the moon!
Everything a werewolf needs... in this forest
Let's slip away...
...before the wolves get hungry!
Cove Here is the Witches' Cove
In that hut they brew potions...
...that will make you smell...
...or have bad breath
If you fish here...'ll pull up weird creatures...
...just look at the tentacles
Mine Shack This is the Vampire Castle
The count lives here...
and teaches at the vampire school
There's a slime pool...
...that you can swim in...
...if you're brave
School The Vampire School is in session
You can practice your flying...
...or spooky laugh...
...or cool cape moves
The cafeteria is here...
...but it has a peculiar menu
There's a portrait of the count...
...who founded the school

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Festa de Halloween
French Fête D'Halloween
Spanish Fiesta de Noche de Brujas
German N/A
Russian N/A

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