Halloween Party 2016 interface
Halloween Party 2016 interface icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Halloween Party 2016
Where? Everywhere

The Halloween Party 2016 interface was an interface available at the Halloween Party 2016. It allowed players to obtain various items by collecting Spectral Sweets.


Image Name Type Release date Spectral Sweets location
Skeleton Mask
Skeleton Mask Face Item September 28 Dock
Skeleton Body Item
The Villian Do clothing icon ID 1715
The Villain Do Head Item October 1 Mine Shack
Classic Vampire Costume clothing icon ID 4966
Classic Vampire Costume Body Item
Werewolf Mask
Werewolf Mask Head Item October 4 Forest
Werewolf Costume clothing icon ID 4435 edited-1
Werewolf Costume Body Item
Werewolf Feet icon
Werewolf Feet Feet Item
Spectral Costume icon
Spectral Costume Body Item October 6 Snow Forts
The Lady Frankenpenguin Head Item October 8 Beach
Lady Frankenpenguin's Dress Body Item
Spider Queen Dress icon
Spider Queen Dress Body Item October 11 Cove
Unicorn Horn
Unicorn Horn Head Item October 13 Town
Unicorn Costume Body Item
Unicorn Hooves
Unicorn Hooves Feet Item
Ghost Puffle Costume
Ghost Puffle Costume Body Item October 15 Dock
Red Dread icon
Red Dread Body Item October 18 Ski Village
11th Anniversary Hat icon
11th Anniversary Hat Head Item October 19 N/A
11th Anniversary Background icon
11th Anniversary Background Background
Brown Bat Wings Icon 3135
Brown Bat Wings Neck Item October 20 School
Bat Suit
Brown Bat Costume Body Item
Swamp Monster Mask clothing icon ID 1702
Swamp Monster Mask Head Item October 22 Cove
Swamp Monster Costume clothing icon ID 4956
Swamp Monster Costume Body Item
Masquerade Ball Gown
Masquerade Ball Gown Body Item October 25 Town
Candy Corn Costume clothing icon ID 4433
Candy Corn Costume Body Item October 27 Snow Forts
Swamp Monster icon
Swamp Monster Body Item October 29 Mine Shack





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