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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Book
Scavenger Book

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Date released October 20, 2011
Found Halloween Party 2011

The Halloween Scavenger Hunt Book is the guide to the Scavenger Hunt of Halloween Party 2011. Unlike other Halloween Parties, this scavenger hunt has Candy Ghosts instead of candies. This book gives out the clues to where the ghosts are hiding.


# Clue Room Where
1 Search Near Sand And Surf. Cove Behind the surfboards
2 Head to a spooky house. Haunted House Entrance Next to the tombstones
3 Make your way to a wooden shack. Mine Shack Community Garden tree
4 Find a popular spot for tour guides. Ski Village Costume Show's stage
5 Seek out a snowy slope. Ski Hill Behind a pumpkin near the Bunny Hill run
6 Wander into the woods. Forest On the right
7 Look toward a tower of light. Beach Behind a pile of boards
8 Be on lookout for a boat. Dock Behind pumpkins' field


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