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Haunted House
Halloween Party 2011 Haunted House.png

Where The Mine Shack
Opened October 26, 2009
October 28, 2010
October 20, 2011
Closed November 1, 2009
November 4, 2010
November 3, 2011
Mini-games None
Room ID 852
Tour Description
This is the Haunted House! It's full of terrifying Halloween surprises... and a reward for those brave enough to enter...

The Haunted House was a party room in Club Penguin that appeared during the Halloween Party 2009, Halloween Party 2010, and Halloween Party 2011. The house was lit by candles, and had two stories, although they were in the same room.

The Pumpkin Head and Silly Scarecrow Suit were obtainable from this room in 2009. In 2010 and 2011, the Ghost Costume was available instead.



Several objects in the room have special animations that are activated by clicking on the item:

  • The Jack-O-Lanterns on the stair rails jump, causing their lids to open.
  • The coffin opens, releasing several puffles.
  • The blue door opens to reveal one of five scenes, before slamming shut again. The five scenes are:
    • A growing Jack-O-Lantern appears and eventually fills the whole doorway,
    • A fake skeleton drops down on a rope and jiggles about,
    • Prison bars slam down from the top of the doorway,
    • The entire doorway is covered by a brick wall with some spiders,
    • Several bats can be seen flying in the distance.
  • A log of wood from the pile next to the fireplace floats over and puts itself in the fireplace, briefly lighting a fire.
  • The gold picture on the mantle turns into a pumpkin.
  • The book on the table flaps its cover and hovers over the table.
  • The fruit bowl levitates.
  • The bust leans forward, frightened.
  • The puffle statues on the second floor change their face.
  • The books on the shelves slide out and back.

Alongside these animation, there's also a few that activate periodically, on their own:

  • The record player begins to play "All the way Home", and the instruments come off the wall and begin to play along.
  • The white sheet flutters as if by a gust of wind.
  • The picture of a blue penguin spins.
  • The picture of a green penguins stretches and slides down the wall, then pulls itself back up.
  • If you stand on the upper level, the painting of Prince Redhood blinks and looks over in your direction.
  • As you walk past them, The unlit candles relight.


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