Heads Up 3000
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The Heads-Up 3000 as seen on the mission screen for Mission 9 of Herbert's Revenge
Invented by Gary
Located Unknown

The Heads-Ups 3000 is an EPF Gadget that was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy. It is featured in the game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. It is used to communicate with other EPF agents in the ninth mission of the game, titled Herbert's Plan. The Heads-Ups 3000 has not yet been introduced to EPF agents online.


  • The Heads-Ups looks like it can be worn as a head item, although, it cannot be worn in the game.
    • On the back of the box art for the game, Jet Pack Guy can be seen wearing the item, although he cannot wear it in-game.

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