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Herbert's Base

Where Missions
Opened November 27, 2006
January 21, 2008
Closed Not closed
Mini-games None
Room ID  ?
Tour Description
Not to be confused with Herbert's Lair.

Herbert's Base is a room only accessible in a few missions.

In PSA Mission 2: G's Secret Mission, after decoding the secret word, G will grant you access to the Prototype Sled that he wants you to test out at the Test Run track at Ski Hill. Shortly after attempting the run, you crash and end up lost in the Wilderness with parts of the broken sled and a Survival Guide. After a short while, you should come across a small cave in which you have to eventually start a fire in with the help of a wild black puffle to help you survive. Eventually, Jet Pack Guy turns up telling you that G sent him to rescue you.

In PSA Mission 6: Questions for a Crab, you have to follow the crab, Klutzy, after he breaks free and escapes back into the Wilderness and then back to the cave. This time however, there is a door blocking the entrance in which Klutzy goes through a small flap into the cave. To get in, you must once again befriend the Black Puffle from a previous mission and then throw a Puffle-O through the small door so that the puffle can unlock the door from the inside. Once inside, Herbert suddenly traps you. Your puffle friend hides while Herbert tells you his story. Once the coast is clear, you then proceed to carry out your escape from the cage and the snowed-in cave.


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