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Herbert's Lair

Where Wilderness
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Mini-games N/A
Room ID N/A
Tour Description

Herbert's Lair is one of the many bases used by Herbert P. Bear, located deep underground, and protected by a locked hatch hidden under a stump in the middle of the Wilderness. So far, it has only appeared in the video game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. It is divided into four different rooms.



The lobby is the central area of the base. There is a lift used to enter and exit the base, and a skylight of sorts, used to give light to some plants. There is a small table with tools, presumably used for building things. There are two locked doors, one of which requires a switch to open, and the other has no form of entry other than breaking a circuit box. The Herbert Statue was also located here, until it was used to cover up a geyser.


The lounge is a room located in the western end of the base. The room contains many plants are here and a research table. There is also a fireplace with pictures on the mantle, and a worn chair next to it. The door to this room has a switch next to it, which opens the door to the storage room.


The storage room is located in the northern end of the base, guarded by multiple security cameras. A shelf with many different objects is situated next to the door, with multiple things on it including a gear, a jet pack, and what looks like a grappling hook. There is also some beach equipment, and various scraps of metal and chunks of wood scattered around, and heavily locked door is between it all. Pipes can be seen protruding from the walls, and some odd machines can also be seen.


Located next to the storage room, the workshop is protected by a door with three locks. Inside contains many devices and data stolen from the PSA, as well as drawing boards to come up with plans, and a map of the Club Penguin Island.


  • It is likely that part of this base is located under the river in the Wilderness, as water can be seen dripping from some parts of the ceiling, and there are multiple pipes on the walls.