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Herbert HQ
Operation Blackout Herbert HQ.png

Where Herbert's Fortress
Opened November 24, 2012
Closed December 6, 2012
Mini-games Icejam
Room ID 854
Tour Description
This is the Herbert HQ! Oh no! Herbert is freezing EPF agents! We need to save them... and take down that Solar Laser. Hurry! The island is running out of time!
For other Herbert HQs, please see Herbert HQ (disambiguation)

The Herbert HQ, also known as the Central Command Room, was a party room and the main part of Herbert's Fortress during Operation: Blackout. It opened on November 18, 2012. However, a glitch allowed penguins to access it earlier. The High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser was located here, and it was the EPF Agents job to destroy it. The Containment Cells were also located there, capturing Gary, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, and The Director of the Elite Penguin Force. Herbert controlled everything from here, as the Illustrious Leader Supreme of Club Herbert.



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