Herbert P. Bear

Full name Herbert P. Bear
Species Polar Bear
Gender? Male
Gives adventures? No
Position Villain
Voiced by Todd Haberkorn[1]
For his Club Penguin counterpart, see Herbert P. Bear.
BWAHAHAHA! Having a super weapon makes me feel so ALIVE!
— Herbert

Herbert P. Bear is a polar bear and the main antagonist of Club Penguin Island, and operated from a now-sunken secret iceberg base. At this time, he only features in Aunt Arctic missions and at the Holiday Party 2017 when trying to sabotage the holiday feast.


Herbert is a hot-headed evil mastermind, which caused him to be kicked out of the North Pole by other polar bears. He traveled to the South Pole to be in a similar environment to his home. He eventually came across Club Penguin Island, which he took interest in due to legends of treasures that he could use to make himself very powerful.[2]

Featuring Adventures

Below is a list of missions which himself or Klutzy feature in. If a listing is stylized in bold, one or both of the aforementioned characters were only mentioned, and did not feature, or are shown on a screen or monitor and do not appear physically.


Main article: Klutzy

Klutzy is Herbert's sidekick who can understand Herbert's directions and communications, although to communicate with him in order to get a response, characters such as Rookie, who can communicate with crabs, must be present.






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