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The statue

The Herbert statue was an ice statue of Herbert P. Bear, made by himself, and was located at the Mine Shack following its first redesign in April 2010. It was used in order to plug up a geyser. It was later removed, following the room's second redesign in July 2013.


Some time before the events of Suspect at Large, the eighth mission in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, Herbert made this statue, which was located in the main area of his lair in the wilderness. It is one of the objects the player has to take a picture of while infiltrating the base.

In the final mission of the game, after a geyser created in the previous mission threatens to sink the island, plans are made to save the island. After rebalancing it, the only remaining problem is plugging the geyser. Rookie remembers the player's picture of the statue, and suggests using it to plug the geyser. Herbert, under a temporary truce with the Elite Penguin Force, initially refuses to give it up, stating he spent "a lot of time and effort" making it, but reluctantly agrees after being convinced the island is more important.

To quickly retrieve it, the player helps repair Herbert's hot air balloon, which he uses to fly back to his base to get it. In the meantime, the player drills near the geyser to reduce pressure, and many penguins help by throwing objects to plug the geyser to lessen its force. Herbert eventually returns, and drops the statue over the geyser, fully plugging it. Pop and Chill's help are used to secure it, thus stopping the geyser and saving the island.

Some time later, vines grew around it and it was incorporated as part of the Mine Shack's first redesign in April 2010. However, it was removed following the room's second redesign in July 2013. As stated by Aunt Arctic in issue 420 of the Club Penguin Times, it was removed because that the water under the hole where the geyser was refroze. A hidden message in the same issue reveals that it was taken to the Indestructible Containment Environment.


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