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Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake 2

Where Underground, below the Forest, east of Gold Mine
Opened January 22, 2010 (temporary)
March 15, 2010 (reopening)
Closed January 28, 2010 (temporary)
Mini-games None
Room ID 852 (party room)
814 (permanent room)
Tour Description
This is the Hidden Lake. Guess it's not so hidden anymore! Look at all this treasure. You'll need a key for that water door. Play Puffle Rescue to find it.

The Hidden Lake was a subterranean lake in Club Penguin. It opened out to the sea, and a variety of sunken treasure drifted here from underwater. Waterfalls flowed here into the sea from underground reservoirs.

The Hidden Lake was first discovered during the Cave Expedition. An underwater door here led to the seafloor, but the door could only be opened with the Moss Key Pin.


During the Cave Expedition, the Hidden Lake was uncovered, along with other caverns. After the expedition, due to cave-ins at the Mine, the Hidden Lake was blocked off along with the other newly explored caverns. A few months later however, the rocks blocking the entrances eroded away, and puffles found their way in. Rescue teams were formed to rescue the puffles, and ever since, the Hidden Lake has remained open.

At the start of the Island Adventure Party 2010, a ladder was added to the northwest wall that could be climbed to access the Forest. During some parties, the ladder was blocked off, due to decorations at the Forest.

In November 2013, there were tremors in the underground, which caused the nearby Cave Mine to collapse. After the rubble was cleared, the Hidden Lake instead connected to the Gold Mine.


Image Pin
Candy Apple Pin
Candy Apple Pin
Red puffle pin
Red Puffle Pin
Red Electric Guitar pin
Red Electric Guitar Pin
Crystal Ball Pin
Crystal Ball Pin
7114 icon
Dub-step Puffle Pin
Clothing Icons 7152
Elemental Pin
Clothing Icons 7162
Coconut Smoothie Pin
Pixel Puffle Pin icon
Pixel Puffle Pin
Orange Slice Pin
Orange Slice Pin
Fishing Rod Pin
Fishing Rod Pin



Graphical designs[]







Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Lago Secreto
French Lac Souterrain
Spanish Lago Secreto
German Verborgene See
Russian Потерянное озеро


Geographic location[]