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*[ Ski Lodge]
*[ Ski Lodge]
*[ Lodge Attic (Note the window)]
*[ Lodge Attic (Note the window)]
*[ Ice Burg]
*[ Ice Berg]
*[ Dojo]
*[ Dojo]
*[ Dojo Courtyard]
*[ Dojo Courtyard]

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Holiday Party 2010

The Banners Logo for the Party.

Members only? No
When December 16, 2010 - December 27, 2010
Free Item(s) Non-Member Reindeer Antlers Globe Hat

Holiday Toque Member
Santa's Present Bag

Location Everywhere
Mascot(s)  ?

The Holiday Party 2010 is a party in Club Penguin. The party was very similar to the Holiday Party 2009, only there were different free items. Coins for Change returned but it was a different version. On the Migrator you were able to play a christmas verison of Treasure Hunt like the past two years.

??? room

See main article ??? room.

During the party, a new room was added which was shown in the Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin: Expanded Edition. It currently goes under the name as ??? room.


It was confirmed in Club Penguin's recent poll, and the What's New Blog. It is the 6th annual Holiday Party. Before Rockhopper came for this party there was a note on a box from Rockhopper at the Beach. The note said: "I be leavin' these tubes with ye! Me and Yarr be visitin' soon for Coins for Change! -Rockhopper and Yarr." Also, in a recent blog comment, Billybob confirmed it will end on December 27th. Also, Rockhopper was spotted bringing tubes on his ship which were sooner used for Coins for Change to transfer coins collected to the Lighthouse.

Free Items


There were two stamps added which were the Volunteer stamp and Top Volunteer stamp.


Sneak Peeks


  • This is the first Christmas Party to have a Soccer Pitch (AKA Stadium) in the first half of the party.
  • Many new Penguins were happy that a rare Item came back, which was The Reindeer Antlers.
  • If you threw a snowball in the Lighthouse or Beacon, it would turn into a coin. Also, in the ??? room, if you threw a snowball it would turn into an ornament.
  • This is the second ever Holiday Party to have a night sky and aurora borealis. Maybe the next Holiday Party will be the same or every holiday party will be like this?
  • This the third time the Map was decorated.
  • Rockhopper said that he will fill the Lighthouse with the donated coins from Coins for Change. In an SWF file, the Lighthouse is filled with coins that you can't see anything but coins. The Beacon, too will be filled with coins, but only the light bulb is going to be filled with coins.
  • The Ice Rink returned in the middle of this party.
  • The Dojo wasn't decorated. However, the blue windows were a little decoration.
  • This party had no connection with Holiday Party 2009 (except music, and some places). This disappointed many penguins who are at the Holiday Party 2009.
  • A Penguin Christmas Carol, Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic, and Christmas on Rockhopper Island that first appeared on Christmas Party 2008, returned for this party.
  • The Lighthouse and Beacon are filled with coins now.
  • According to a background's name, the condition of the sky is not night but dusk.



Party Pictures


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