Holiday Party 2011
Holiday Party 2010 Logo.png

Members only? No
When December 15–29, 2011
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic

The Holiday Party 2011 was a Christmas/Holiday-themed party in Club Penguin. It took place from December 15 to December 29, 2011. It is the 7th Christmas party in Club Penguin, and also the 3rd Holiday Party since it was renamed "Holiday Party" in 2009.

A new room called the Bakery was added for the party, where you could obtain a Baker's Apron. Rockhopper arrived during this party with a new free item. Aunt Arctic also made an appearance during this party. The Advent Calendar at the Forest had gifts inside, a new one obtainable daily until December 25, like pins, backgrounds, head items, etc. However, on December 25, Christmas Day, there had been a body item made available for all players.

Free items

Main article: 2011 Advent Calendar
Image Item Type Location Members only?
Springy Santa Hat.png Springy Santa Hat Head Item Penguin Mail No
Clothing Icons 1207.png Globe Hat Head Item Rockhopper's Rare Items No
Santa Seat Background icon ID 9121.png Santa Seat Background Backgrounds Book Room No
Evergreen Decoration icon.png Evergreen Decoration Body Item Santa's Sled Yes
Clothing Icons 4469.png Cranberry Decoration Body Item Santa's Sled Yes
Gold Decoration.png Gold Decoration Body Item Santa's Sled Yes
Cookie Serving Apron.png Cookie Serving Apron Body Item Bakery Yes
Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo icon.png Deluxe Gingerbread House Igloo Bakery Yes
Clothing Icons 9075.png Rockhopper Background Background By Meeting Rockhopper No
Aunt Arctic's Autograph icon.png Aunt Arctic's Autograph Background By Meeting Aunt Arctic No



  • At the beginning of the party, all the free items were members-only, even the pins and the free items at the Forest.
  • There was a cheat where a player could trick the 2011 Advent Calendar by changing the date on his or her computer to December 26 to obtain all of the items early. However, the Club Penguin Team found out about this cheat and set the 2011 Advent Calendar to go by Penguin Standard Time. However, the items still remained in the players' accounts.
  • On the first day, many penguins could not earn the CFC 2011 Pin when they donated for the CFC.
  • Right after the decorations were taken down, all penguins turned Dark Black.
  • There was a glitch that when you clicked the sign, it said Be a Pirate. This glitch was fixed.
  • After the Holiday Party 2011, if you were a non-member and would look in your inventory, your Santa Chair Background would be members only. Soon the glitch was fixed.


Sneak Peeks

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Login Screens

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Holiday party 2011 login screen.png


Holiday Party 2010 construction Beach.png
Holiday Party 2011 construction Town.png


Holiday Party 2011 Bakery.png
Holiday Party 2011 Beach.png
Holiday Party 2011 Beacon.png
Holiday Party 2011 Beacon 2.png
Holiday Party 2011 Beacon 3.png
Holiday Party 2011 Beacon 4.png
Holiday Party 2010 Book Room.png
Holiday Party 2011 Captain's Quarters.png
Holiday Party 2010 Coffee Shop.png
Holiday Party 2011 Cove.png
Holiday Party 2011 Crow's Nest.png
Holiday Party 2011 Dance Lounge.png
Holiday Party 2011 Dock.png
Holiday Party 2011 Dojo.png
Holiday Party 2011 Dojo Courtyard.png
EPF Command Room Holiday Party 2011.png
Holiday Party 2011 Fire Dojo.png
Holiday Party 2011 Forest.png
Holiday Party 2011 Gift Shop.png
Holiday Party 2011 Ice Rink.png
Holiday Party 2011 Iceberg.png
Holiday Party 2011 Lighthouse.png
Holiday Party 2011 Lighthouse 2.png
Holiday Party 2011 Lighthouse 3.png
Holiday Party 2011 Lighthouse 4.png
Holiday Party 2010 Lodge Attic.png
Holiday Party 2011 Migrator.png
Holiday Party 2011 Mine Shack.png
Holiday Party 2011 Night Club.png
Holiday Party 2011 Ninja Hideout.png
Holiday Party 2011 Pizza Parlor.png
Holiday Party 2011 Plaza.png
Holiday Party 2009 Santa's Sled.png
Holiday Party 2011 Ship Hold.png
Holiday Party 2011 Ski Hill.png
Holiday Party 2010 Ski Lodge.png
Holiday Party 2011 Ski Village.png
Holiday Party 2011 Snow Forts.png
Holiday Party 2011 Town.png

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Holiday Party 2011 Sneak Peek from Happy77 Official Club Penguin
12 FREE Gifts for Everyone at the Holiday Party!

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Festa de Natal 2011
French Fête de Noël 2011
Spanish Fiesta de Navidad 2011
German Weihnachts Party 2011
Russian N/A



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