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Holiday Party 2016
Holiday Party 2015 Town.png

The Town during the party

Members only? No
When November 30, 2016 – January 4, 2017
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Rockhopper
Gifts for everyone!
— The party's tagline

The Holiday Party 2016 was a party that began on November 30, 2016, and ended on January 4, 2017. It was the 7th Holiday Party and the 12th holiday-related party overall. It was first confirmed by Megg in-game.

Free items

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Image Item Type Obtained from Members only?
Green Jolly Roger icon.png
Green Jolly Roger Head Item Rockhopper's Rare Items No
Blue Lightbulb.png
Blue Lightbulb Head Item Santa's Sled No
Yellow Lightbulb.png
Yellow Lightbulb Head Item Santa's Sled No
Pink Lightbulb.png
Pink Lightbulb Head Item Santa's Sled No
CFC 2016 Pin icon.png
CFC 2016 Pin Pin Donating to Coins for Change No
Big Cozy Chair Background Icon.png
Big Cozy Chair Background Background Clicking the camera at the Ski Lodge No
Clothing Icons 9244.png
Rockhopper's 2013 Holiday Giveaway Background Meeting Rockhopper No








Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Town Happy holidays!
Join the festivities and earn some coin
And don't forget to donate them...
at the CFC donation stations!
Coffee Shop Need a break from the festive chaos?
The Coffee Shop is a great place to kick back...
grab a smoothie or hot chocolate...
and just chillax!
Arcade Here's where all the toys are made
Why not help make toys
or be the boss and check the list....
Ski Village This is the Ski Village
It's no coincidence a CFC station is here
That's so sled racers can donate their winnings
Plaza Looking for a holiday job?
You can earn coins by hitting the bells with snowballs
It really keeps everyone's spirit up
Mall Need to buy holiday gifts?
Look no further!
This mall has everything
Like elf outfits and shoes
Don't miss the sale on candy cane soup!
Beach Welcome to the festive feast!
Grab a plate and join the fun
A food fight could break out at any moment
Who knew pizza could fly so well?
Snow Forts This is the Holiday Giveaway
Famous penguins pitched in to get us all gifts!
I wonder who each gift is from
Can you figure it out?
Mine Shack Relax with a cup of candy cane cocoa
or head into the Toy Workshop
They're always looking for hard-working elves...
Penguins too!
Forest Now that's a holiday tree!
Let's decorate it
Snowballs will change into decorations
All thanks to holiday magic!

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Festa de Fim de Ano
French Fête de Noël
Spanish Fiesta de Navidad
German N/A
Russian N/A

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