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Hot Air Balloon
Festival of Flight Hot Air Balloon Ride

Where Forest
Opened August 14, 2009
Closed August 20, 2009
Mini-games None
Room ID 899
Tour Description
Here we are at the Hot Air Balloon! Hold on tight, it's not for the faint hearted! We're going to dock at Gary's base of operations!

The Hot Air Balloon was a party room in Club Penguin. Members could access it at the Forest during the Festival of Flight. In the Hot Air Balloon, there was a timer to tell you when you would have to lift-off and land.


  • Pulling the brown lever of the balloon resulted in the balloon growing; turning the valves on the helium tanks made a squeaking noise.
  • If you clicked on the sandbags, they would fall and the Hot Air Balloon would fly higher, but would eventually descend back to its normal altitude.
  • There was a model of the Hot Air Balloon at the Coffee Shop during the 8th Anniversary Party.


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