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Hot Sauce
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Chili Peppers
Consumed by Penguins

Hot Sauce in Herbert's old hideout.

Hot Sauce is a type of hot, spicy pizza sauce that is used on the making of pizzas. It has a red color and is seen thrice in missions. It's also used in minigames such as Pizzatron 3000 and Card-Jitsu.

Involvement in missions

Involvement in games


Hot Sauce can be used as a condiment on pizza. The Hot Sauce in Club Penguin is known to be very hot to the point of generating flames when squirted. Combining Hot Sauce and O-Berries has proved to be seriously influential on Black Puffles, allowing them to burst into flames. It is extremely useful for propulsion and combustion. When combined with cream soda, it can be used as fuel for jet packs. It could be disastrous in the wrong hands, given its explosive properties.


  • According to Jet Pack Guy, the mixture of Cream Soda and Hot Sauce can be used as an emergency fuel for the Jetpack, suggesting that it has hydrogen or oxygen in it.
  • There is a Card Jitsu card with a Hot Sauce bottle on it. The animation of a fire card attack in Card Jitsu makes this card act like a Power Card.
  • The Flare Flinger 3000 flings Hot Sauce bottles.
  • Hot Sauce is switched to Pink Icing when you play the dessert pizza mode of Pizzatron 3000, Candytron 3000.
  • The Hot Sauce Bottle was one of the items needed to be found during Sensei's Fire Scavenger Hunt.
  • In the Fire Dojo, there are many Hot Sauce bottles, since a fire card if won, the penguin sprays the Hot Sauce on his opponent.
  • An O-Berry with Hot Sauce has a powerful effect on a Black Puffle, as seen in Mission 6.
  • You needed to collect an empty bottle of Hot Sauce to finish the Recycle Hunt during the Earth Day 2010 party.
  • It is unknown how this item can make fire as it simply consists of a liquid.
  • Strangely enough, the bottle of Hot Sauce in Herbert's hideout was written the right way up when turned so the nozzle is upwards. If you were to turn the bottle of Hot Sauce in Pizzatron 3000 this way, the writing would be upside down.
  • Hot Sauce replaced the lava below the metal plate at the Fire Dojo.
  • Herbert once stole lots of Hot Sauce from the Pizza Parlor in Mission 5. Herbert does not like the cold in Club Penguin so he steals hot sauce, to make himself warm.
  • There was a Hot Sauce Pin in the Mine in November 2011.
  • It was seen in the Classified Area.
  • It probably is habanero Hot Sauce.
  • Hot Sauce bottles can be seen on the Hot Sauce Helmet and Hot Sauce Gi clothing items.
  • Along with Pizza Sauce, these are the main sauces of Pizzatron 3000.

As seen in Ye Knight's Quest 2.


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