Full Name Hydra
Species Unknown
Position Currently destroyed
Appeared EPF Rooftop, and Ye Knight's Quest 3
Color Yellow, Red and Blue
Clothes Items N/A
Related To Dragons
Friends With Scorn the Dragon King
Meetable Character? In 2011 and 2012
Were you looking for the Hydra Bot or the Hydra Head?

Hydra are a distant relative of Dragons. Hydras were creatures in Club Penguin, who appear in Medieval Parties, and they come in some Ye Knight's Quests. There was 1 robotic hydra in Club Penguin during the Medieval Party 2011 with 3 heads (A Red, Blue and Yellow). Each Hydra head has its own powers and weakness what penguins must find; and use it to destroy them.


  • Hydras are creatures from Greek Mythology.
  • From the word Hydra, "Hydro" became a Greek root for Water, as the Hydra lives in the water.
  • When the Hydra was destroyed in Ye Knight's Quest 3, it was rebuilt by Herbert P. Bear as the Hydra Bot.
  • The powers and weakness of Hydra heads are:
    • Red: Can breath fire and can be damaged when snowballs hit it.
    • Blue: Can throw a massive amount of Ice and freeze penguins who are standing at the place where the ice hit and can be damaged when Hot lava falls on it.
    • Yellow: Can shoot a laser beam, and can be damaged using shields. (If the laser hits the shield, the laser bounces back and hits the hydra.)


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