Full Name Hydra
Species Robot
Position Currently destroyed
Appeared Ye Knight's Quest 3
Color Yellow, Red and Blue
Clothes Items None
Related To None
Friends With None
Meetable Character? No
For the reconstruction by Herbert, see Hydra Bot. For the furniture item resembling the Hydra's heads, see Hydra Head.

The Hydra was a three-headed robotic dragon that appeared in Ye Knight's Quest 3, as the final part of the quest. According to issue 341 of the Club Penguin Times, they were built by Gary the Gadget Guy.


  • Hydras are creatures from Greek mythology.
  • After the Medieval Party 2012 ended, Herbert P. Bear found the Hydra, rebuilt it as the Hydra Bot, and used it to attack the Everyday Phoning Facility.
  • The powers and weakness of Hydra heads are:
    • Red: Can breath fire and can be damaged when snowballs hit it.
    • Blue: Can throw a massive amount of Ice and freeze penguins who are standing at the place where the ice hit and can be damaged when Hot lava falls on it.
    • Yellow: Can shoot a laser beam, and can be damaged using shields. (If the laser hits the shield, the laser bounces back and hits the hydra.)


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