The Hydro Hopper was a speedboat in Club Penguin, located at the Dock. It was used in the game of the same name.

The newest design of the boat, used from December 6, 2012 until March 30, 2017

The Hydro Hopper was a small speedboat made for exploring the waters around Club Penguin Island. It had a red and white color scheme, a windshield, and seats. In the back was a line connected to a red inner tube, in which a penguin could ride in.

The former design of the boat, used from 2005 to 2012



  • The design of the boat changed in December 2012, as result of the Dock being receiving a graphical update.
  • It appeared at the Epic Wave room at multiple parties, serving as the only place the player could stand. It pulled a buoy that, when clicked, pulled up the map. During the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, it also pulled a stand that players could obtain the Beach Towel from. During the Fashion Festival, it just pulled the buoy. During the 10th Anniversary Party, it also pulled a stand that would give a tour on the room.
  • The Speed Boat item had a rather similar design to this boat, both being white with red decal.


During parties

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