I've Been Delayed

I've Been Delayed is a song that was played at the igloo room in Penguin Chat and the Night Club in Penguin Chat 3. It is performed by TAS1000. It's the oldest music track in Club Penguin.

At their facebook page they say: Anders has found out that Matt Krysko has given Lance Priebe(co-founder of Club Penguin) permission to use TAS 1000 songs in RocketSnail (Lance's company) games. -Lewis

It also says: I have just been notified that 'I've Been Delayed' has been re-added to Club Penguin (formerly, Penguin Chat 3), for user igloos in-game. Great stuff. -Lewis


These are the lyrics for the original song; the version played in the Night Club during Penguin Chat 3 and the new lyrics for the Igloo Music released in 2013.

Original song

Penguin Chat 3 version

Club Penguin version

TAS 1000

TAS 1000 was the band that made the song I've Been Delayed. Their only album contained 12 songs, along with "I've Been Delayed". The band was formed by Matt Krysko, the son of the Club Penguin co-founder, Dave Krysko.

TAS1000 (2002-2005) was an experimental music collective. The band members lived in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Their music was based on a used answering machine they bought, which was called "Sanyo Telephone Answering System 1000", and contained an old cassette that the previous owner forgot.

They took parts from the cassette, and combined them with their own music, in order to create songs. The band made their last performance in 2006, and at the end, they threw the TAS1000 machine out of the stadium, meaning that the band was over.

Band Members

  • Matt Krysko
  • John Rogers
  • Scott Howard
  • Cassidy Picken


  • This song was played for a short while on part of a video, which posted on What's New Blog.[1]
  • A newer version, which did not include the words, only the music, was played in one of the tutorials.
  • It was played in the Night Club on Penguin Chat 3.
  • The band also made "I'm at 9933" which also was used in Penguin Chat 3.
  • The song could be heard during the Club Penguin documentary New Horizons.
  • There is an extended version of this music that you can play in your igloo, but it skips the "try and, uhh" part. It was later added in a newer version in February 2017.
  • It was available as Igloo music in June 2013.
  • During the Waddle On Party, the instrumental music can be heard at the Dock. The lyrics can also be faintly heard in the background.

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseChego Logo
FrenchJe Suis en Retard
SpanishLlego tarde
GermanIch Habe Verzögert
RussianЯ был отложен

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