iBitz PowerKey
Available Yes
Dimensions 1.5" tall and 1" wide
Type Kids' pedometer
Cost $34.99 USD
Where found GeoPalz (only located in the United States)

The iBitz PowerKey is a real-life wearable device which you can earn points on by exercising. It was released on November 22, 2013. The more steps you walk, the more coins and items you can earn. It currently comes in seven colors: purple, blue, green, pink, black, orange, and red. They can only be bought at GeoPalz stores.

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Get active with the iBitz PowerKey and earn virtual coins and exclusive items in Club Penguin!

Wear the Powerkey and walk, run, and dance to earn points every day. The more you move and get active, the more points you'll earn to unlock coins and items online.


In addition to the following items, the user receives 1 coin every 50 steps.
Item Steps walked
MP3000 Workout 20,000
Tennis Gear 20,000
Blue Hand Weights 25,000
Pink Hand Weights 25,000
Barefood Runners 30,000
Blue Sweat Band 30,000
Neon Sneakers 30,000
Yellow Sweat Band 30,000
Yellow Sweatsuit 40,000
Grey Tracksuit 40,000
Gymnasium Igloo 150,000
Total steps 440,000


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