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Ice Falls
Operation Puffle Ice Falls.png

Where The Wilderness
Opened November 21, 2013
Closed December 5, 2013
Mini-games Puffle Chase
Room ID 856
Tour Description
The majestic Ice Falls. The current is strong here so be careful! There are powerful searchlights if you need to find something, like a lost sock or a rubber ducky that went downstream!

The Ice Falls (also known as the Ice Waterfall) was a room in Club Penguin's wilderness, located by a waterfall. It could be explored only during Operation: Puffle, where searchlights were placed to aid in searching for evidence, and to locate the White Puffle's rescue point.


  • Whenever a player went onto the river, a pontoon would appear as if the player was riding it.
  • Going near the searchlights will turn them on.
  • The entrance to Herbert's Hoard Lair is located here.
  • This is where the White Puffle had to be rescued.


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