Games Icejam clear board lvl1

The game board.
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Security Terminals
Date released November 15, 2012
Not to be confused with Ice Jam.

Icejam was a game in Club Penguin, located at the Security Terminals. It is based on the Beta Team game, Ice Jam. It was released as part of the mission requirements for Operation: Blackout and Inside Out Party.

The objective of the game is to lead a key, that can only move horizontally, into its respective key hole. To do this, you had to move the 'blocks' out of the way by dragging them with your mouse.


Main article: Ice Jam#Levels

Icejam has 6 different levels, each available from a different Security Terminal. The levels are taken from an early prototype of Icejam, known as Ice Jam, which was featured in the Beta Team. Ice Jam, however, has 7 levels, and its final level was not used in Icejam. The corresponding levels from both games are identical, but use different graphics. Icejam, unlike its predecessor, did not count the player's moves and time.



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