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  • Cadence is sisters with Rocky and CeCe.
  • She can drive the Shinkansen. She took train driving lessons in Densha de Go! (電車でGO!, literally Go on the Train!).
  • Due to this, she tricked her friends Rocky and Cece. When a train came by, she yelled, "Denshe de go!". Rocky said "What?", Then she said the Japanese way and Cece said "Huh"? Then she yelled, "LITERALLY GO ON THE TRAIN!". Rocky and Cece said "Ok".
  • In CPFW, her full name is Jenette Williams.
  • It is rumored Cadence learned good tricks from Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez
  • Cadence has a crush on Franky.
  • She has a 512th cousin who knows a guy who has a cousin who knows a guy that has an uncle who has a grandfather who knows Zippo.
  • Cadence also has a 215th cousin who has an aunt who knows a girl who knows a guy who has a great grandfather who has a grandchild who knows a guy who knows a girl who has an uncle who licked a beta hat.
  • Cadence had her own TV show called "Late Night with Cadence". It was cancelled after 3 shows for being too noisy for parents trying to sleep.
  • Cadence also had a show called "How to cook like a chef.".
  • But it also got cancelled because she couldn't cook. She was just dancing in a food costume.
  • Cadance is a Fire Ninja and you can play Card-Jitsu Fire when she goes to the volcano or in 'A game of Penguin and Bear'
  • Cadence is 16 and has an 8 year old brother who is Rookie.
  • Cadence and Rookie lived in PH's basement but she kicked them out because they ate all her food, used her money to buy videogames and farted a lot. So they went to find a new place to live in.
  • Cadence and Rookie also tried to live in the Aqua Grabber, but no one else could play the game since they lived there.
  • Cadence and Rookie tried to live in a whale, but it pooped them out.
  • They tried to live in the Dojo but they nearly burnt it down so Sensei kicked them out.
  • They also tried to stay in Rockhopper's ship but they crashed it into an iceberg.
  • Then, Cadence found a penguin's igloo, but the penguin kicked them out because Cadence redecorated her igloo into a dance club, and Rookie used the rest of the space and turned it into a train. This is why she bought Densha de Go!.
  • They lived in Aunt Arctic's house,but she kicked them out because they were out of food and they were starving. So they ate one of Aunt Arctic's puffles.
  • Then they both lived at Gary's house, but that puffle they ate gave them a bad feeling. Boom! Gary's house exploded. That gave him an idea on an experiment, but he kicked them out anyway because it stank.
  • Cadence ended up living in the Boiler Room and Rookie in a trashcan.
  • Candence has a puffle that is the keeper of the boiler room and her sister Jennifer has a fire-breathing puffle.
  • She used to be The Director and the EPF was a dance crew, But Aunt Arctic, the former pet of Herbert took over and brainwashed the EPF to think she was The Director instead of Cadence.
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