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Catchin' Waves theories

  • If you go really low but not get wiped out, a hand will pull you to the future of Club Penguin. You can buy new puffles and play new games. Also, in the future, CP never stops having a party. If it is the last day for a party, it will be a new party the next day. The only way to get back to the present CP is to go really high in Catchin' Waves. Then you can show your puffles and free party items.
  • There are new courses.
  • Non-members will be able to buy surfboards (purple with white flowers for girls and black with red graffiti writing for boys).
  • In Survival Mode, after the Shark you battle an evil squid, that can pull you below the water.

New Catchin' Waves courses!

  • Underwater Quest: In this level, you ride normally, then it gets stormy and a giant underwater wave appears. Your forced to go in it. Then your underwater, but you can still breathe. You have to come up for air every 8 seconds otherwise you wipe out (it costs two lives), but you may not want to go up for the top because of the bonus coins you may miss while breathing. When you come out of the water there is a storm and an evil pirate ship with an evil version of Rockhopper and an evil G and Aunt Arctic. It tosses cannonballs at you- ride a large wave onto the deck. You then control your surfboard on the now-flooding deck. You need to hit all three evil twins, but evilhopper slices you with his hook, E will use his invention to grab you, and Evarctic will hit you with a newspaper. Getting hit by any of these things twice will cost you a wipe out. Once you hit them all you jump off the pirate ship to the finish line.
  • The Octopus Returns: The octopus from the Octopus Friends Aqua Grabber sea finds you and you have to hide it from the 3 evil twins.
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