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Cove theories

  • The Cove's Cliff has never been climbed and if it ever is, it will be connected to The Cove.
  • Soon the Cove will be a Camp Site and the Dock will be the Cove with Catchin' Waves and the Beach will be the Dock.
  • The fire never goes out because Rockhopper lights it every time he comes back.
  • Rockhoppers black puffle Yarr Sr. is the real one who lights it.
  • A Komodo Dragon also pops out of a rock at midnight, where is prowls and goes back to hiding behind the rock.
  • Yarr, Rockhopper and some red puffles will make a path leading to the Wilderness.
  • It was flooded until December 2005.
  • One day the cove floods and whole entire cp floods and club penguin sinks.
  • On 2087, a surfing contest will be held here, however the contest was cancelled after the water in the Cove will be frozen.
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