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Dojo Courtyard Theories

  • The Dojo Courtyard will have more decor and the Video Part will be a Card-Jitsu Theater
  • There could be a waterfall after the water scavenger hunt.
  • There are stairs that have 2 sleeping stone puffles. If you go down, You will reach the biggest clock in the world which take 48 hours each round.
  • It is possible that after the Fire Dojo there will be an Ice and Water Dojo.
  • Starting at Valentine's Day, there is going to be a Wedding Chapel
  • Sensei build it with Rory's help, so Sensei learned all the Ninja's secrets for Rory. Rory is a full ninja!
  • Rory and Sensei make the courtyard bigger so they can put more Card Jitsu mats.
  • In 2016 the dojo courtyard would be rebuilt.
  • Also there would be a Dojo Courtyard rebuild party
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