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"Nous voyons l'activité Herbert vilain diffusion autour de Club Penguin. Faire une machine qui fera Herbert faire le bien. Utilisez-le lorsque vous avez l'urgence. Appelez-moi quand vous avez le nom." -Joey McGlester

  • Herbert has an evil puffle that wants to destroy every penguin on Club Penguin because he was never adopted in the Pet Shop. Herbert`s evil puffle`s name is Destroyer.
  • Herbert is the boss of the leader of the RPF.
  • Herbert loves G.Stilton and Magic Tree House Books.
  • Herbert lost his parents but will see them again in a new mission.
  • Herbert cut down the Lighthouse and made new ninjas come called, Shadow Storm Ninjas, and they saved the day!
  • Herbert filled the sleds with Flare Flinger rockets so penguins would fly into the ocean.
  • Although now that Rockhopper has already turned Club Penguin into a jungle he got really angry then went off in a stomp and broke some of the ice on Club Penguin and fell into the ocean!
  • Herbert wants to have a secret base in the volcano located inside the tallest mountain so he can use it with his robber henchmen to destroy CP.
  • Herbert lives on the server Polar Bear!
  • Herbert wants to rule Club Penguin so he can create "Club Herbert".
  • Herbert was sent to a zoo called "Club Polar Bear".
  • The Order of the Puffle is a French-speaking organization that prevents Herberts actions. Joey McGlester is the Puffle and wrote "Herbert Turns Good" in French.
  • His real name is Sam.
  • He has a twin brother named Bob.
  • He has a brother called Sherbet.
  • Herbert stole Cream Soda from Rockhopper, some snow from the cove, and electricity from the facility. For some reason if you mix it, it will be cream soda flavored popcorn! According to Comm agents, this means he plans to use the popcorn in combat with his magnifying glass, and he used cream soda with it because cream soda is highly explosive. If Herbert activates this and fails, half of the island will be blown away. If he succeeds, Club Penguin is history. This can be stopped by not letting Herbert activate the glass on the popcorn.
  • He's supposed to be able to eat a whole penguin. Thankfully he's a vegetarian. Let's hope he doesn't change his diet.
  • Herbert may go back to North Pole and bring his relatives to attack Club Penguin and capture Club Penguin Island.
  • Herbert killed an old penguin named Goodjake, but then another penguin named Darkchime went on Club Penguin to search for his body, however he was not yet discovered.
  • Herbert made a Heat Hoodie which is a red one with fire designs. It's very hot when you wear it.
  • He loves waffles secretly.
  • The Order of the Puffle once said to Gary that he should invent a machine to turn Herbert into a good guy. See quote above to see what he said.
  • Herbert's real name is Squishyelephant.
  • He is obsessed with Annoying Orange and SpongeBob SquarePants, and has e-mailed the TV network 14,000,000 times to see if they would make a crossover episode.
  • Herbert smells like penguins every time he does not take a bath.
  • Cocos967 nearly killed Herbert after pushing a Disco Ball on him. Herbert also caused Cocos967's scarred right eye, by using a sword during Operation: Blackout.
  • Herbert wants to destroy Pookies and rule CP.
  • Herbert was a white puffle abandoned by penguins that adopted him. Then Herbert went to the forest and then accidentally went near chemicals Gary was experimenting with. Then Herbert the puffle became a cub and met Klutzy then when Herbert grew older and hated penguins because penguins abandoned him when he was a puffle. And that's how Herbert is in Club Penguin+
  • His dad's name is Hilbert E. Bear (E means Evil)