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The Club Penguin Ideas is a part of the Club Penguin Wiki, where you can post ideas or theories for Club Penguin, from new characters to slight room changes. 20 pages since August 2009!

Feel free to add new ideas, we're always looking for new editors! Please remember that the Policy still applies here.

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If you want to help you can add new ideas or improve grammar.

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Featured Idea Category


  • Reporter golden hat (500 coins)
  • Report Silver Hat (400 coins)
  • Water Gun (210 coins)
  • Peafowl Tail (800 coins)
  • Jeweled Collar (1800 coins)
  • Holdable Paint Brush (50 coins)
  • Spotted Cap (180 coins)
  • Gnome Hat (200 coins)
  • Carrot Nose (50 coins)
  • Tiger Stripes fur coat (5000 coins)
  • Crab Claws (750 coins)
  • Bag Mask (75 coins)
  • Banana Tusks (625 coins)
  • Beaver Tail (2500 coins)
  • Spotted Bracelet (30 coins)
  • Golden Necklace (600 coins)
  • Grey shirt with long sleeves with gloves (comes in different colors) (450 coins)
  • Roller Skates (90 coins)
  • Ice Helmet (750 coins)
  • Mustache (15 coins)
  • Fruit Hat (400 coins)
  • Artificial Ears (75 coins)
  • Sparkling Hat (600 coins)
  • Shiny Golden Shoes (350 coins)
  • Hut Hat (a small hut on a head) (150 coins)
  • Jump Rope (50 coins) (special dance: jump through the rope)
  • Feathered Tail (180 coins)
  • Straightedge shirt (350 coins)
  • Fire Trousers (red trousers with orange and yellow on the knee) (520 coins)
  • Tall-springed shoes (700 coins)
  • Blindfold with black stripe (220 coins)
  • Gym (place)
  • Airplane Costume (300 coins)
  • Clock Costume (300 coins)
  • Firestar Costume (500 coins)


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