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Theories about Sensei, the master of the ninjas!


  • He is very shy and peacful and won't hurt an object or person/animal
  • Because of this he keeps Klutzy's family a secret (they live in his house)
  • He master all elements, even some extra ones (Thunder and Shadow)
  • He build the Dojo, the Dojo Courtyard and the Ninja Hideout with Rory's help, so he teached Rory all about Ninjas, so Rory is the 2nd Full Ninja.
  • Sensei is older than Earth.
  • Sensei have a son called Rockhopper.
  • Sensei is Gary's friend, but they have a little rivality.
  • EPF is going to offend the Ninjas, so Sensei will be using all the Elements powers to destroy EPF. To it, 5% of all the penguins should be Fire, Water and Snow ninjas. So Sensei will reveal 2 new elements, Thunder and Shadow.
  • He is an Herbert minion!
  • He will refresh back to a regular Sensei and will reveal all the elements at once (Fire, Water, Snow, Wind, Stone, Thunder, Shadow, Nyan Cat, Glass, Wood, Metal, Steel, Sanity Penguin, Rubber and Food) and will give out new cards for the new elements (Level 10 Wind Penguin Blow-away, Level 10 Stone Head Slam, Level 10 Thunder Light Splash, Level 10 Shadow Halloween, Level 10 Nyan Cat Back-slam Rainbow, Level 10 Glass Sharp Piece Hit, Level 10 Wood Woodpecker call, Level 10 Metal AC 3000 Slam, Level 10 Steel Steel Vehicle Trap, Level 10 Sanity Penguin Joking Vengeance, Level 10 Rubber Slingshot's Pouch Hit and Level 10 Food Food Blaster)
  • He has a lot of ninjas. He trains his special ninjas. His special ninjas are called Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke (corrupted from Sensei when he was grown-up), Kakashi (Sensei calls Kakashi a Masked Warrior), Neji, Lee, Tenten, Gai (Kakashi's eternal rival. They live in the same village though.), Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Asuma (banned), etc. All these ninjas are from Naruto.
  • He teached his first special ninja named Naruto the Shadow Clone Technique, which made clones of him that vanish into clouds after getting hit or used another technique on, and the Rasengan, which makes a light blue ball appear on his flipper and deflects anyone being hit. When Sensei helped Naruto make the Rasengan, it made a Giant Rasengan. Afterwards, when Naruto was grown up, Sensei teached him how to get the Sage Mode. He succeeds, then he makes his own technique called Wind Style: Rasenshuriken, which is available on Card Jitsu as a Wind element power card. P.S. Sorry for the long Sensei description.
  • He is an EPF agent.
  • He has a 1 year old daughter named Annie. He will train her the ways of the ninja at the age of 7.
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