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Ideas for new toys in Club Penguin.

  • Rookie 2 figure-Comes with Rookie wearing red propeller cap, red sunglasses and red Hawaiian shirt and box dimension figure and EPF phone. Cannot Mix N Match.
  • Puffle Handler 2 figure-Comes with Puffle Handler wearing her outfit, along with brown puffle. Cannot Mix N Match.
  • Migrator Playset-Comes with 12 inch boat that may open up and includes Captain's Quarters, Shiphold, Crow's nest and Deck. Comes with Rockhopper and Yarr
  • Gary the Gadget Guy science set. Includes experiments and inventions for you to do.
  • A board game where you have to defeat Herbert and Klutzy.
  • Club Penguin Themed Shank`n`Go vehicles.Including Cadence,Rookie,Gary and Aunt Artic
  • Treasure Hunt Board Game
  • All Puffles Set-Comes with 1 puffle of each color and their toys and a food dish with O'berries!!!!
  • Rainbow Puffle Plush
  • Herbert and Klutzy figures.

Please make these changes! We had a meeting and we really want all this!!!

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