"In Search of the Perfect Puffle" is the comic strip in issue 1 of the Club Penguin Magazine. It is 8 pages long and had all the puffles of Club Penguin in it at the time.


Cadence is looking for a new pet puffle, so she asks Franky to help her (she will not take the puffle test). First, Cadence tries a yellow puffle, but decides it is too messy for her. Stompin Bob then appears and suggests that Cadence should try a black puffle, and he is writing a song about it. But once again, Cadence does not enjoy the puffle's attributes. As Cadence and Franky walk out of their igloo, Franky suggests that maybe Captain Rockhopper can help. Suddenly, Rockhopper appears from behind a hill and agrees to help them. Rockhopper brings them to his ship, where he shows Cadence the red puffle. Cadence declines, because the red puffle is not into dancing. Cadence and Franky arrive at the Plaza now and ask Aunt Arctic for help. The green puffle is too playful, blue puffles can't dance and the orange puffle is too hungry. Cadence then tries the white, brown and pink puffles, but they all to have their faults. Eventually, Cadence goes home with Franky. Franky tells Cadence she should look for what's good about them, and not what is bad. He then proceeds to tell Cadence what to do. A few days pass and Cadence is overjoyed when she meets Franky in the Night Club. She explains that she finally took the test and that she forgot to check out a purple puffle, and the test said they were a match. Cadence then says she calls her "Lolz", because she makes her laugh. Franky and Cadence then dance with the rest of the puffles surrounding them.


  • Lolz is the same pet Cadence has currently.
  • This is the story of how Cadence got her pet.
  • It was released in February 2012.


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