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Ink or Swim is a multiplayer party game in Club Penguin Island. It was released in the 1.5 update. It can be played by using the party supply of the same name, for a price of 40 coins. It is activated by a player using the party supply, which causes them to hold up a box. If other players (two to four) interacts with the box, the game is initiated.

The game can no longer be played as of Club Penguin Island's discontinuation on December 20, 2018, due to Offline Mode lacking multi-player functionality.


After the game is initiated, the players are randomly assigned a turn order, and the turns cycle in that order. During the game, a cannon is placed on the ground which the players, holding buckets, surround. When it is the players turn, they have the option to activate the cannon or pass. If they activate the cannon, which is done by pressing the action button with a fish on it in the bottom right corner of the screen, either one to three fish are shot into the players bucket, or a squid is shot out, which causes the player to lose two or three fish. If the player receives fish, they may continue their turn. If they receive a squid, their turn is over and the following player goes next. Alternatively, if the player decides to pass by pressing the arrow action below the fish action button, it goes to the next players turn. Players also have a time limit of 10 seconds to choose their action, if they do not decide by then, they automatically activate the cannon.

The cannon can be activated up to 35 times, and every time it is used, a meter on the top of the screen depletes. If a player passes, it does not deplete. After it is shot 35 times, the game ends, and whoever has the most fish at the end wins. The winner receives 25 coins and 15 Rockhopper XP, second place is 15 coins and 10 XP, third place is 10 coins and 8 XP, and fourth place is 5 coins and 5 XP.

Quick Chat messages

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The following Quick Chat messages can be used while playing this game.
  • Here fishy fishy
  • I smell ink…
  • Nooo!
  • no squid no squid no squid
  • How's that ink?


  • Prior to the 1.7.1 update, this game cost 60 coins instead of 40.
  • Prior to November 1, 2017, the rewards were 30 coins and 5 XP (winner), and 20 coins and 4 XP (second), 15 coins and 3 XP (third), and 10 coins and 2 XP (fourth).


Names in other languages

PortugueseTinta ou água/Tinta ou NadaPegue os peixes, mas evite as lulas que soltam tinta!
FrenchGare au poulpeCollecte les poissons, mais évite les poulpes et leur encre !
SpanishTinta o nado¡Reúne pescado, pero no agarres un calamar de tinta!
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