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The Inner Tube was a form of transport in Club Penguin. Most commonly used in Sled Racing, it resembled a large, red, inflatable ring with metal or plastic handles on both sides. A similar item was used in Hydro Hopper when the player was not holding a wakeboard. In Club Penguin Island, Tubes are available for members to use at any time.


  • When waiting for more players without a game upgrade in Sled Racing, your penguin could be seen sitting on an inner tube at the top of the Sled Run.
  • The Ultimate Proto-Bot was made with inner tubes, along with other various items.
  • Next to the Hydro Hopper at the Dock.
  • At the Ski Village, at the bottom of the Ski Hill, since December 2012.
  • On the registration screen, a picture of a penguin on it is used to represent children from 9 to 12 years old.
  • At the Ski Village, outside the Sport Shop, until May 2010.


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