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CPGD Minigame Jackhammer

The title screen
Players 1–4
Controls Wii Remote
Minigame location Snow Forts
Date released Sept. 17 - Australia, New Zealand
Sept. 21 - North America, Latin America
Sept. 24 - UK
This article is about the Wii mini-game. For the DS mini-game, see Jackhammer.

Jackhammer! is one of the numerous mini-games in Club Penguin: Game Day!.


In the game, four penguins use jackhammers to etch an image into the ice. Players can also hit others with their jackhammer, and send them off course, which decreases their image quality, or drop ice to hinder the other players.


Power-ups are concealed inside a crate. When the player passes though the crate, a random power-up will be collected. Players press the 1 button on their Wii Remote to active the power-up, with the exception of coins, which are used automatically.

List of power-ups[]

  • Yellow Puffle - will make the player draw a perfect line for a short time.
  • Ice - will drop ice behind the player to hinder others, which can be destroyed with jackhammers
  • Coin - gives the player five coins
  • Anvil - will drop an anvil behind the player to stop others (can't be destroyed by a jackhammer). This forces the player to go around the obstacle.

Final score[]

The player's final score is determined by two things - Accuracy and Time. The score for each player is calculated and the winner announced.



Main article: Club Penguin: Game Day!/Music
Name Soundtrack
Recycle! (fast)

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French Dessino-marto
Spanish ¡A taladrar!
German Presslufthammer!
Russian N/A