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Jedi 4.png

Full Name Jedi Knight
Species Penguin
Position Knight of the Jedi Order
Appeared Star Wars Takeover, Star Wars Rebels Takeover
Color Any
Clothes Items Jedi Robes, Jedi Cloak, Black Jedi Robes, Black Jedi Cloak, Lightsaber
Related To Each Other
Friends With Members of the Rebel Alliance
Meetable Character? No

The Jedi Order is a group of peacekeeping penguins, whose ultimate goal is to protect the galaxy. They appeared at the Star Wars Takeover and at the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. They battle using the ancient art of Lightsaber combat. They are the main enemy of the Sith. Three Jedi, Luke Skywalker, Sensei and Kanan Jarrus are part of the Rebel Alliance. At the Star Wars Takeover and Star Wars Rebels Takeover, members could become Jedi Masters.