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A jellyfish in Ice Fishing.
Scientific name Scyphozoa
Similar creatures None
Appeared Ice Fishing
Predators Sea turtles
Prey Fish

Jellyfish are creatures that appear in the game Ice Fishing. They are a part of Club Penguin's wildlife. Jellyfish are first to arrive of the hazardous creatures in Ice Fishing.

In Ice Fishing, if your fishing line touches the jellyfish, it will zap the line and cause players to lose the worm. Ironically, this won't happen if you only touch the tentacles.

Jellyfish do not appear in other games and events like Fluffy the Fish or Crabs do. They are only seen in Ice Fishing.


  • The Newsflash of Club Penguin Times issue 454 states "Jellyfish apocalypse unlikely. Swimming lessons at the Cove are back on!"


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Água-viva
French Le Pinz Méduse
Spanish Medusa
German Qualle
Russian Медуза

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