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Jet Pack Adventure
Jet Pack Adventure logo
Players 1
Controls Arrow keys (steer)
Minigame location At the Beacon edge
Date released November 6, 2006[1]
Date closed March 30, 2017
For the DS game, click here. For the Club Penguin App exclusive game, click here.

Jet Pack Adventure was a Club Penguin mini-game that could be accessed from the Beacon. If the player reached to the end of Level 5, they would land in the Mine. If a player lost before the end of the game, they would land in the room they were flying above before they lost, which was unknown when you were flying.

Jet Pack Adventure 2010 title screen

The game menu

Players traveled from location to location using a jet pack, collecting coins along the way. Players carried an extra jet pack as a precaution if they run out of fuel, and more jet packs could be collected. However, if the player ran out of jet packs, its penguin would fall then use a parachute to land safely (in the Mine levels, the parachute would get stuck on a stalagmite). Extra fuel could be collected, but you had to watch out for anvils and coffee bags. Another occasional obstacle would come, such as a shark.

Players could send a postcard to a friend to go on a Jet Pack Adventure (which sent the player to the Beacon). On July 26, 2010, the game was changed so only the first level of Jet Pack Adventure was playable for non-Members. Only members could play the entire game due to the addition of the new stamps that were released that day. Another change was that the home-screen was updated. On September 13, 2010, the game was updated so players could bring a green puffle into the game. The puffle could assist them by flying around collecting coins and fuel cans.



Name Description
Lift Off! stamp Take off and return to the launch pad.
Fuel Rank 1 stamp Collect all fuel cans in Level 1.
Puffle Pilot stamp Bring a green puffle into the game.


Name Description
Jet Pack 5 stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete 5 levels.
Crash! stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Crash land your jet pack at the Forest.
Fuel Rank 2 stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect all fuel cans in Level 2.
Fuel Rank 3 stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect all fuel cans in Level 3.
Fuel Rank 4 stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect all fuel cans in Level 4.
Fuel Rank 5 stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect all fuel cans in Level 5.
1-up Leader stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect 2 x 1-ups.
Puffle Bonus Stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Your green puffle collects 200 coins.


Name Description
Kerching! stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect 650 coins.
Fuel Command stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect all fuel cans in one game.
Fuel Wings stamp Collect a fuel can while falling.
1-up Captain stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Collect all 1-ups in one game.
Puffle Plus stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Your green puffle collects 450 coins.


Name Description
Ace Pilot stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete the game without collecting any coins.
Puffle Boost Stamp Your green puffle gets a gas can when you run out of fuel.


Jetpack adventure GAME OVER

The game over screen

There were many obstacles in the game, specifically designed to slow the player down and make them lose fuel. Here is a list of all of them:

Order of locations[]

Launch Pad from Beacon

Launch Pad


  • If you complete the game without collecting any coins, you get 1000 in the end. You can still collect fuel, but at the end of a level you will have to waste all your fuel until it runs out and you fall on the landing base. You must keep doing it until Level 5 and a picture will appear saying that you are a highly skilled pilot. You will also get the Ace Pilot stamp.
  • At the end of Level 1, if you continue past the launchpad, over the Coffee Shop and down its side you'll find an extra fuel can and a "ten-coin" coin.
  • The 1-up locations are:
    • Level 1: There are no 1-ups in this level.
    • Level 2: Go straight up at the beginning of the level and dodge the windmills. Travel at the top of the level until you find it.
    • Level 3: When you get to the top of the mountain near the end of the level, go left to find the 1-up in a windmill.
    • Level 4: At the end of the level, when you see the "Land here" sign continue going down to find the 1-up.
    • Level 5: Stay on the right of the pit until you see a warning sign (triangle with an exclamation mark on). Go right and then up to find the 1-up.


  • During the Aqua color release, it had a glitch that it blinked into a white screen, then you cannot start the game or instructions, only exit it. That glitch was fixed.
  • Sometimes when you started the game, the starting screen would still be in the background.
  • If a shark in Level 3 hit you while you were barely floating above the water, you could glitch under the level and constantly get hit until the point where it was impossible to get out.


  • In the book The Spice of Life, the coin secret was mentioned by Smulley's neighbor.
  • Some launch pads were actually visible on the Map.
  • A penguin was seen playing the game in the comic We Just Do. The penguin appeared to have reached Level 3 in the game.
  • On March 3, 2008,[2] minor updates were made to the game. An exit button was added to leave the game anytime at will, and the Stage was added to the Plaza.
  • This was the Green Puffle's favorite game.

We Just Do

  • The hot air balloon, piano, and blimp obstacles could be seen in the background in Super Hero Bounce.
  • Level 1 was the only level to not have a 1-up.
  • Level 4 had the most fuel cans, with 7.
  • On version 1.2 of the Club Penguin App, a sequel called Jetpack Boost was released. The gameplay was similar, though it instead had touch controls.




Stamp Book photographs[]

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Aventura a Jato
French Aventure Jet Pack
Spanish Aventuras en jet-pack
German „Jet Pack“- Abenteuer
Russian Турбо-виражи