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Jet Pack Guy
Jet Pack Guy.png

Full Name Guy the Jet Pack Guy
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position EPF Agent and Tactical Lead
Appeared PSA Secret Missions, EPF Missions, System Defender, Operation: Blackout, Operation: Hot Sauce, Operation: Crustacean
Color Red
Clothes Items EPF Earpiece,
Black Sunglasses,
Black Tie,
Jet Pack,
Black Suit
Related To None
Friends With Gary the Gadget Guy, Rookie, The Director/Aunt Arctic, PH, Dot
Meetable Character? No
For his Club Penguin Island counterpart, see Jet Pack Guy (CPI).
Watch out Herbert! This guy's back in the sky!
— Jet Pack Guy

Jet Pack Guy (real name Guy) is an Elite Penguin Force Agent in Club Penguin. He is always seen wearing his jet pack, which is his preferred form of transportation, and his glasses, which he almost never takes off.[1] Jet Pack Guy is shown to be very focused, thoughtful, and strategic -- traits which qualify him as the Tactical Lead of the EPF, alongside Rookie.[2]


When Jet Pack Guy was first introduced, he seems to have been somewhat of a nice guy, and a skilled agent. As his character has developed we see him as more as a serious agent who is very stern and self-disciplined. His goal is to become a great EPF agent. He also really loves his Jet Pack.

Jet Pack Guy is loyal, determined and self-disciplined. He is shown to have a lot of courage and is quite resourceful.[1]


Jet Pack Guy first appeared in PSA Mission 2: G's Secret Mission, in which he comes to rescue the player from the wilderness. The sound of his Jet Pack wakes you up on the second day as G had sent him to track you down and bring you back to the HQ. Not much of him was seen again until PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad, as a member of the Waddle Squad, a group of Secret Agents who tried to capture Herbert. His Jet Pack crashed at the Beach, however, with a mixture of cream soda and hot sauce, he was able to refuel it. Later, he was fooled by Klutzy into thinking Herbert was at the Dock due to Klutzy's fake Polar Bear cut-out. Then he helped trap the real Herbert P. Bear in the Night Club. He made a brief appearance in PSA Mission 11: The Veggie Villain inspecting the disappearance of several items in the Gift Shop. In Operation: Blackout he was captured along with the other significant agents by Herbert P. Bear. Jet Pack Guy participated in Operation: Hot Sauce at the Pizza Parlor on April 2013.

Elite Penguin Force

Jet Pack Guy in the intro of a Club Penguin Short.


Jet Pack Guy's eyebrows - look carefully above the glasses.

  • If you made a new penguin and use the name "Jet Pack Guy," it would say: "That Penguin name is not allowed."
  • During Operation: Hot Sauce, he took over the Ask Aunt Arctic section of the Club Penguin Times. When moused over, he would remove his shades and grin at the player.

The message you get when you look up Jet Pack Guy.

  • He submitted the secret that you can bring Green Puffles into Jet Pack Adventure with you into the Club Penguin Times.
  • Herbert often messed up Jet Pack Guy's name, calling him names such as 'Jet Pack George'.
  • During Operation: Blackout, Jet Pack Guy was the fourth agent to be trapped and frozen in Herbert's HQ.
  • He won "Best Dressed Agent" 4 out of 5 times.[3]
  • In the Club Penguin Official Annual 2013, he reveals that he does not like Rookie calling him JPG.
  • In Issue #389 of the Club Penguin Times, he says that he has a pet goldfish named Flash (who is also his best friend[3]) and that it makes jet pack memoirs.
  • He appeared as a flying Rebel Pilot in the Star Wars Takeover TV Commercial.
  • He does not sleep with his jet pack, it has its own bed as shown in a CP Magazine comic. The comic also showed him doing other comedic things with his jet pack such as pushing it on the swings at the park and swimming with it still on.
    • In the same comic, Gary 'stole' the jet pack for various tests. Gary then revealed that he felt the same way about an invention once.
  • Jet Pack Guy has The F.I.S.H memorized.
  • In the Club Penguin Times issue #419, at Rookie's interview, he stated that his favorite food is the hardtack (essentially, hard bread/biscuits).
  • In issue #420, Aunt Arctic stated that he loves rugged camping.
  • In issue #427, Jet Pack Guy stated that his New Year's Resolution would be to train and guide Rookie to an acceptable level of expertise.
  • Big Red was his favorite Robo at the Future Party.
  • Jet Pack Guy is a trained pilot.[3]
  • It was revealed in issue #492 of the Club Penguin Times that he once wrestled a sabre-toothed fluffy.



Rookie interviewed Jet Pack Guy in issue 419 of the Club Penguin Times.

Rookie: Hiya, JPG! What's the awesomest thing you've done today? I mean other than the everyday awesomeness.

JPG: Hello Rookie. It's been busy.

Rookie: Okay, first question. Well, second maybe? I don't know. Is it the first or second?

JPG: That was the second.

Rookie: Right, so...third question? What's your favorite food?

JPG: Is this the "really important project" you need help with?

Rookie: Ya! You're helping me with this interview, buddy!

JPG: <sighs> Okay. Hardtack. It packs well. Never goes bad.

Rookie: What is that? It sounds really cool. Hmm...what else should I ask?

JPG: Your last question... please.

Rookie: That's it! The perfect question: what is the secret fifth class of the EPF?

JPG: Stand back, Rookie.

Rookie: He flew away! Must've had an important mission. This is Rookie signing off. Sign off!


In-Game Sprite





In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force


Name in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese O Cara do foguete
French Le Gars au Jet Pack
Spanish El Pingüino Jet-pack
German „Jet Pack“ - Pinguin
Russian Агент Турбо


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